Sector Meetings
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The launch of the sector meetings was an initiative developed by the members to provide a forum to discuss key topics that would address specific issues in convention centre management in detail. These unique gatherings continue to provide an opportunity for knowledge exchange, advancement of product and service delivery and benchmarking amongst the member centres management teams within their specific area of responsibility.

Member centres host the forums, which also provide attendees with a first-hand look at how other centres address issues and what's new in each of the centres that they visit. The programs are supported by CCC and in large part designed by the host venue with input from all attendees who develop the topics for discussion, including engaging expert industry speakers on key topics. An additional advantage for the host centre is showcase their products and services to their colleagues across the country and attendees are able to gauge what new products and services they should consider for their respective centres. The focus of the sector meetings are in the areas of sales and marketing, facility management and human resources.

With over 20 such forums held since their inception in 2004, Centre managers continue to support these events as they are considered an excellent way to gain the information needed to achieve their respective strategic goals and remain current with industry advancements.


Sales and Marketing Sector Meetings

The Sales & Marketing forums are designed to address the specific needs of this management group, with discussions focusing on topics that support business development and customer service across all event categories. Topic areas and activities have included convention centre sales specific training, benchmarking studies, industry partner roles with destination marketing agencies, the international bidding process and need for ambassador programs, subvention practices and the latest marketing tactics.

Previous and future meeting locations:

  • May 2008  |  Calgary
  • May 2010  |  Vancouver
  • May 2011  |  Niagara Falls
  • July 2012  |  Calgary  |  combined with Annual Conference
  • June 2013  |  Halifax  |  combined with Annual Conference
  • May 2014  |  Toronto Agenda
  • December 2015  |  Montréal Agenda
  • 2017  |  RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg


Facility Manager Sector Meetings

The Facility Management forums are designed to address the specific needs of those Centre managers that are responsible for the overall building operation and ensuring that the facility responds to the current and future needs of the client events that they host. Topic areas and activities have included benchmark studies that examine building costs, sustainability practices and standards, innovative building technology and the need to plan for capital improvements and building maintenance while managing costs.

Previous and future meeting locations:

  • 2004  |  Winnipeg
  • 2005  |  Calgary
  • 2006  |  Toronto
  • 2007  |  Quebec City
  • 2008  |  Montreal
  • 2012  |  Calgary  |  combined with Annual Conference
  • 2013  |  Halifax  |  combined with Annual Conference
  • 2015  |  Toronto Agenda
  • 2016 /17 – Open


Human Resources Sector Meetings

The Human Resources forums are designed to address the specific needs of Convention Centre Human Resources specialists that deal in unique public and private sector environments. These Human Resources managers are central to ensuring that the organization can respond to client requirements, ensure that there is planning in place for the skills required to provide new services for current and future needs and support for the development of a customer service excellence culture. This group has convened regular meetings and takes advantage of online communication on timely issues to gain a quick cross Canada response. Topic areas and activities have included recruitment challenges; incentive programs; benefit plans, legal ramifications of social media, occupational health and safety and training and development programs.

Previous and future meeting locations:

  • 2007  |  Halifax
  • 2008  |  Hamilton
  • 2009  |  Victoria
  • 2010  |  Toronto
  • 2012  |  Calgary
  • 2013  |  Halifax
  • 2017  |  Open